Sunday, August 5, 2012


Hi again!
 I wanted to show some of my old paintings and explain how I made them and what they are made of. (●´∀`●)
Hope you like it  *(*´∀`*)☆

This paintings is  A4 pictures made on akvarell paper . First i drew it with a normal pencil and went over with a black 0,1 and 0,5 pen. Then I painted it in Akvarell paint, while using very thin brushes:)
 I call this one "Candy girl" (bad at making names) ^^

 This is made in the same way. And I  Call this picture Pirate treasure (Still bad at making names) xD

And This is some of my Canvas pictures (─‿‿─)
This I made to my mother as a birthday gift. I Just call It “Library picture” because I made it for her to have in her library (︶ω︶) Its a 50 x 60cm canvas picture and is made out of Acryl painting.

 I made this as a christmas present to my best friend. Its Three 30x30cm canvas pictures. Made from acryl painting and craft foam that I have glued on and painted (*・ω・)
It’s my own 3D effect style   d=(´▽`)=b And I don’t really have a name for this picture because I made it while thinking of my friend and what she likes:)

  And I made this to have in my own living room^^ It’s not totally done yet tough. Made from 4 canvas pictures (dont know the size’s but they are really big), Acryl paint and craft foam, glue and false lashes. I call it “Key to love”^^

 And I’m working on some small canvas pictures right now that I will show later, and som drawings   \(^▽^@)

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