Monday, June 24, 2013

My Sister's Confirmation!

Hi  (*^ワ^*)
Lazy as usual... (`ε´)
But I have been busy with Exams, my sisters confirmation, cosplay making and well,
 I got a litte hooked on WoW again (ц`ω´ц*)
I will put some cosplay photos later.

Here are some pictures from my sisters Confirmation!   (´∇ノ`*)ノ

 Helps to make food in my grandmas beautiful apron (*ノωノ) and trying to look taller than my little sister  \(T∇T)/

My family! My uncle, grandma, sister, mom, me and grandpa (*´∀`*)人(*´∀`*)♡

FOOD!   (‘∀’●)♡
 I also made the table cards, I was pretty happy with them, but they took forever to make (/゚Д゚)/

Our dog Chiko was like: "what is going on!? "  U(◎ェ◎;)U


  1. Haha hooked on wow again? xD can't blame you.. resently started playing it again =o=

    Fun that you started posting stuff again! woopwoop

    1. Haha yeah xD nice;3
      Yeah sorry I don't post that much ( ̄ω ̄;)

    2. well you have posted alot lately (I think (>_>))
      Do you play with someone? that kinda came out worng, but you know what I mean! mind if I asked what server, class, rase? ^ω^ (late response ftw)

    3. well not much lately xD late response ftw yeah xD
      been busy with work, vacation and cosplay, will post some later (o;TωT)o
      haha I have some friends that I play with sometimes :3
      server: Moonglade, I didn't know what a RP server was when I started playing I just thought the name was cool (14 years old btw)but I really like that server now:3
      I am almost always Night elf<3 I have 3 lvl 90's, a hunter, druid and a priest ;3 you?:3

  2. Haha understandable! :D
    I kinda did the same thing when I started playing xD but then a friend of mine told me "wtf dude, get over to a PvP server!" >_< so I did. took a long time before I found a server I really liked. Frostmane was that server! :3 Gnome Mage wtf! :D ... but I have only one lvl 90 atm, and it's a Tauren Paladin on Chromagus(??). A friend of mine started playing Horde, so I joined! woop! I really should lvl my main to 90 -.-' and my druid, both 85.. Haven't found the time to do so, because of work :p

    and btw, I don't know why I'm typing in englush..? ermergerd!

    1. haha people are still like "wtf a rp server lol" to me too but I dont care xD
      I am thinking of transfering one character onto another pvp server that all my friends play on^^
      I have only lvl'ed lately so all the gear on all my characters still suck xD I usually only play alliance but I am lvl'ing a blood elf paladin now, only lvl 56 toughx)
      Ja så du va fra Trondheim xD men du starta å snakk engelsk så bare fortsatt æ xD
      btw ska du på torucon?;D

  3. haha Nice :D hvilken server er det da? ikke at det har så mye å si lenger siden man kan spille med hverandre crossrealms ^^

    Jeg er ikke fra Trondheim dessverre xD jeg bodde der og studerte :P
    Torucon? jeg hadde ingen planer om det, ingen jeg kjenner som skal dit x) besides, har ikke cosplay og er ikke så mye uptodate med naruto D: (shame). Jeg er en stor One piece fan tho ^_______^ whaleface!
    Skal du cosplaye som Sakura igjen? :D

    1. Sorry for sent svar igjen x3
      Serveren hete moonglade;p
      ah skjønne x3 ah så synd da, torucon e super morsomt ;3
      Jeg og er en stor one piece fan;3 laboon<3
      nei skal cosplaye purple heart fra hyperdimension neptunia og kotori fra date a live;3 skal legge ut noe snart :3

    2. Ja det høres super duper morsomt ut!!! 3:
      Hahahah Laboooooon! ^∇^ yohohohoho

      WOW *mind blown*! så bildene... sykt! >o< litt speechless atm.. så komplekse greier! O_O DU ER FLIIINK! Zomg! wow, just wow! ser at du legger sykt mye arbeid i cosplayene dine og de ser fantastiske ut! *hands down* amazing, gleder meg til å se det ferdige resultatet :O