Tuesday, August 26, 2014

NärCon and Nordic Cosplay Championship

Here is a little review of my days at Närcon  \(^▽^@)ノ

Närcon was awesome! Very different from the other cons I have been to. It feels like a huge cosplay city!
And It’s been a great experience to be at the NCC, I have met a lot of nice people and great cosplayers!♥O(≧∇≦)O
This was my plans for Närcon! Since I knew I was going to die of heat on Friday I choose some light and simple costumes the rest of the days:>

Thursday: Neko – K-project
Friday: Clalaclan Philias – Shining tears x wind (going to be a robot cupcake in this xD)
Saturday: Shizuku – Hunter x Hunter 2011
Sunday: Neliel - Bleach

Me and my friends decided that the cheapest way to get there was with a camping car, and it was so much fun staying in one! we parked right next to the sleeping halls so it was easy to just walk out and in, since I and Rirukuo had sleeping places in the NCC sleeping hall:> But we actually only slept there one night, and the rest with our friends in the camping car xD

Thursday was kinda stressful, with rehearsal, interviews and stuff and it was so hot all day so I didn’t get to cosplay Neko until late at the evening so I didn’t get any pictures at all :<

On friday I was super nervous for my show, and cosplaying Clalaclan in the heat was horrible! And since the con is so huge it took awhile walking around, felt like a melting robotcupcake walking to the stage x)
Also had my awesome friends helping me carry all my stuff and my stage prop, Thank you so much♥
And a big thanks to Rirukuo Cosplay for being my assistant and doing the show with me even though you were just as nervous as me♥ but everything went well and I was so happy it was over xD  

Derping robot cupcake all day!! (☉ε ⊙ノ)ノ

Sitting backstage before the show, I was so nervous you have no idea!! xD

 Pictures from the show! only picture that shows my gate with my flaming lights;D
The fighting scene was really hard to do, because moving in this cosplay was really hard! and I actually made some mistakes even tough it doesn't show in the recording. The fabric around my staff tangled so it didn't turn out as long as it was supposed to be, but it looked ok anyway :>
And one time I actually hit Rirukuo with my staff and says sorry xD
So you don't have to worry if you make mistakes, because it won't show that much to the audience:)

Awesome pictures by Shila Forsman Photography;D<3

 Saturday was the best day, cosplayed as Shizuku and was just walking around, chilling in the sun, looking at figures and eating food:>
And on Sunday we woke up so late we figured we didn’t have time to cosplay so we were just chilling all day:3

Me together with Danarki and the picture under is taken by him ;3
the other was taken by my friend and I edited it:>

 At the price ceremony, I actually didn't mind at all that I didn't place because I was so amazed how awesome everyone had been and I was so happy with my own effort, and that I actually managed to do it! both the show and get done with my costume. It was a great experience and I learned a lot from it!;D
 Thank you everyone at Närcon and NCC that helped me and made it such a nice experience♥( ˘ ³˘)

  Check out everyone's Performance, everyone was so awesome♥
My performance start at 21.26 with my awkward Interview first xD

Clalaclan Philias progress!

Hi (´∇ノ`*)ノ
So I was way to stressed before Närcon to make a in progress post then, so I will show you my hole progress now and post about Närcon a little later:>

Clalaclan Philias have been one of my dream cosplay for a long time, so when I got asket to be a replacement at the NCC I decided to make her!

Bought a lot of different fabric, It was so expensive ლ(´﹏`ლ)
But I love all of them, because all of them are different types of fabric (silk, satin, polyester, cotton, viscose etc..)

I actually wanted to buy the blue one as satin as well but my local fabric store only had the wrong colors, but when I started sewing with it I really liked it :>

I decided to make the skirts a little shorter than the original picture since I wanted the armor on the legs to show a little more〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)
Here are some progress on each layer:
Skirt nr 1 is a hoop skirt that I had and cut to the right length and then sewed on a 5meter long line of folds at the bottom. Skirt nr 2 had so much folding and ironing!
Used a hole day folding this, it's 10 meters
Skirt nr 3 was the most annoying one too sew because I really hate sewing in silk, But it turned out fine anyway^^ Skirt number 4 was easy to make, just a shorter and a little bigger version of number 3, made with a stretch ribbon at the top. Skirt number 5 was definitely the hardest, the pattern was hard to get right and I embroidered the lines between the white and blue with pearl thread 3 times. The 6 layer was pretty easy since I used the pattern from layer 5 and made a smaller version and sewed on a lace line. I decided to sew layer 5 and 6 together to make them stay in place. Layer number 7 was a little took some time to make since I embroidered the lines between the fabric and I made it in four parts so that the inside would look good to :3

The top I just sewed in satin with a zipper at the back, the arms took some time tough, since I first had to make the blue part with some cotton to make them puffier and then I sewed many long satin ribbon lines and needled them up around the puffs.

For the wig I bought 2 Seeu wigs, because I loved the color and they had the perfect curls.
I then cut of wefts from one and sewed it on the other to make it thicker :>

Here you can see how much of a mess I make when making patterns,
which I also find the most boring ( ̄□ ̄;)

For my staff I used three layers of EVA foam glued together with a broom that I cut of and the for the shield I used sleeping pads glued together and carved out the patterns.
Also getting some "help" from my cute dog Chiko v・。・V

 The shield is made out of sleeping pads glued together and then I carved out the cross. Then I used worbla on both sides. I was really happy that my technique worked like I wanted it to
But when I was going to bend the shield a little, air bobble's started to come to the front ( p_q)
So I used a thin layer of filler on top to smooth it out more and now it's getting really smooth;3

The staff is made out of three layers of EVA foam, then carved the pattern and used filler too smooth out the edges, and then covered it with worbla (°∀°)b

So much pattern going inwards, but it was really fun making it work with worbla ;D

 All the other part are also made out of worbla, some with craft foam and some with two layers of worbla. Roses and wings was really fun to make in worbla :>
Had some testing with making roses first and failed so much xD
So I used a figure as a model, definitely a smart way to start making something you don't know how to make x3

 The finger was really fun to make! they are made out of two layers of worbla and then I shaped them after my finger, be prepared to get burned xD
The fingers on the picture look like just one piece, but I want to actually bend my fingers so I came up with a solutoion to glue white fabric between two parts. I also wrote numbers behind each part to make it easier to know where each part was supposed to be. When they was done I glued them to the gloves. :>

The breastplate was the hardest armor part to make, It was my first time making a breastplate that was supposed to be hole with a back, so I had to experiment a little, the base is made out of two layers of worbla with a lot of filler to smooth it out, and it was also a lot of sanding and then filling again and again. when I was happy with it I used one layer of wood glue to make the worbla pattern stick to the base. Because worlba wont stick to filler at all!ヽ(;▽;)ノ
To make the front and back stick together and get a good shape was really hard, but I came up with a solution of gluing fabric on one side and making a fabric piece with a zipper on the other side to make it sit, it worked really well :3

 Priming outside in the sun is really cozy :3
It took A LOT of filler to make it smooth, and I used around 2 bottles of wood glue and 10 cans of spray paint..

 Starting to paint everything with pearl paint and shadow it after it has been coated with wood glue and white spray paint. I used 6 tubes of pearl paint and a lot of shadowing and varnish coat :>

Me dying from making this xD

 Everything finished, the night before we are leaving for the con ofc xD

 Other preparations was making the scene show. It took some time because me and Rirukuo(my assistant) made a movie background, with music and recording. And I also decided some days before I was leaving that I wanted a scene prop so here are some in progress of it with my very curious cat xD

Picture from our recording to my show!<3