Friday, January 9, 2015

3D rose canvas!

The reason I haven't started on any cosplay's yet is I have been working on this!:3
It's a Birthday present for my grandma this Sunday;D♥
I'ts a 100cmx70cm canvas, so it's bigger than it looks in the pictures^^ 

I used worbla to make the roses and the thorns, I've been wanting to try using worbla on a canvas for a long time, since I have used some craft foam on some older pictures I have made. I started just shaping the thorns with worbla scraps, and cut out leaves for the roses. I do admit I used a bit more worbla than I tought I would, but it was worth it!:3

Here are my painting progress! Just started with a basic color I knew I wanted, and just did some highlighting and shadowing, colored the roses and thorns, and think they had a to sharp color so I made them a little grayer and shabbier. Then I ripped up some paper I bought at Panduro, and decoupaged it on, and painted it to look shabbier:3

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