Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My December!

Happy new year!! Sorry I forgot to post in such a long time. So here is a little post that will show you all I did in december!

First of was the Hobbit premiere! I cosplayed as Thranduil, last year I made the crown and didn't finish the rest so since it was the last movie I had to do it! I sewed his coat in one day! can't believe I managed to do that Oo
I used two types of fabrics on to each other to give it a armor look, and I glued on silver leather stripes and used a sponge with some painting to give it a rustic look:3
 His accessories I just made out of worbla scraps and coated and painted the same day as the premiere xD I actually started on the sword as well but didn't finish it, but will finish it for a shoot later:)
And since my wig didn't arrive in time I used my own hair with extensions and used a lot of hairspray and make up on my hair line, and was pretty happy with my angry elf man look xD

Later me and my friends from MERCAS cosplay decided to have a Christmas shoot, so we decided to be from Sworld art online again since we had the wigs and love the series!:3
We decided to have the shoot at my grandmas place since she has the most vintage looking kitchen and I had baked a lot already and made a gingerbread house:3
I also sewed my own little Christmas apron for the shoot, was really happy about how it turned out since I only used around 3-4 hours on it :3
We had really fun during the shoot but we had a problem with our camera dieing, so we didn't get very many good photos:<
So I decided to do a little shoot on my own with my Shizuku cosplay, and it turned out really cool:3

Had a great Christmas this year as well! Had a cozy time with my family, eating a lot of awesome food<3 Here are some random pictures of my christmas<3
My dog Chiko, having a great Christmas to, with a lot of treats, and picking the presents under the tree in WoW is a tradition I must do xD
And some presents I packed for my friends and family this year:3

Torucon actually made a little Christmas con called ToruJôl! ;o 
It was super cozy! I went as a reindeer with my new sclera lenses that I got for Christmas! I made some horns and ears really fast using worbla scraps, craft foam and fur :3
I even got 2'end place in the cosplay competition even tough I just trowed something easy and fun together xD And my friend Rirukuo got 1 place with er awesome jackalope!;D 
We were both really shocked and really happy!

This is my cosplay’s from 2014! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°
Didn't do as many as I would like to do, because I didn't go to very many cons this year and did not get many good pictures, But I know I want to try to make more and take better photos in 2015!;D
But 2014 has been a year where I have learned a lot and I even joined the Nordic Cosplay championship! It was really scary but fun as well xD

Here are some of my Cosplay plans/wishlist for 2015! 

Probably won't get them all done, and my plans may change depending on which con's I'm going to and If I will group cosplay with MERCAS cosplay

1. Sakurano Tazusa - Ginban Kaleidoscope 
2. Esmeralda - Hunchback of notre dame 
3. Vindicator Yrel - World of Warcraft
4. Hisoka - HunterxHunter 2011
5. Killua - HunterxHunter 2011
6. Sylvanas Windrunner - World of Warcraft
7. Rebecca - One Piece
8. Ahri - League of Legends
9. Nishinoya Yuu - Haikyuu
10. Shirahoshi - One Piece
11. Eucliwood Hellscythe - Kore wa zombie desu ka
12 Momohime - Muramasa

Love them all so much♥~~
Can't wait to start with them all!

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